The Tattoo Series (2/7)

I loved writing my last post about my first tattoo. To continue this series, I’ll talk about the 2nd tattoo I received on my wrist while starting college.

For some background information, I am currently working on a degree in education. I have wanted to be a teacher for longer than I can remember, but I just can’t quite seem to pick an age or grade! I’ve worked in education as an aide, a tutor, a volunteer and a variety of other odd jobs that expose me to different grade levels and learning abilities. I know that younger children, below age 7 or so, require patience that I do not have. I am sarcastic and dry and unable to really have the bubbly and energetic personality that teachers need when they teach children so young! Those people are superheroes and I applaud them, but it’s not for me.

I’ve known this since I volunteered with my mother’s own kindergarten classroom, but it was cemented once I tried to be a pre-school teacher and barely made it out alive. Junior high has way too many raging hormones involved, which I got to witness during a long semester of observations. I am positive those grades are out of the question. I was convinced that upper level math, like trigonometry in a high school, was my perfect fit. I believed this as I tutored college students and observed teachers in similar classrooms, but then I accepted a position as a special education aide in an elementary school. The position had me working one on one with students from kindergarten to 6th grade. I got so much experience in such a wide variety of classrooms and teaching styles, and I’m still torn between the older elementary school grades or upper level high school. I have a few classes left before I have to decide, but what I do know for sure is that helping children learn is where I need to be.

One thing that has always been in my journey as an educator is my love for math. It’s nerdy, and it may sound lame but I have always been so amazed by mathematics and how it lies in all the beautiful things in the world. Ratios, formulas, and all kinds of mathematical operations are in each thing in the universe and learning about them has interested me ever since I can remember. I was in advanced math classes my whole life, so I chose to be a mathematics education major straight out of high school. When I started attending the university of Texas at Dallas I remember a passionate calculus teacher I had who described calc as “the study of infinite processes” which always stuck with me and seemed so incredible that we could actually study infinity and all its possible outcomes. My love for math and my love for education make being a math teacher a dream come true.

The tattoo I chose to represent my love for math is a simple delta. I wanted it in a place I would always see it, so the wrist seemed obvious. It would remind me about my passion for education and my love for the kiddos whenever the education system makes you feel a little broken down.

Math tattoo delta

The delta is the Greek letter ‘D’ and is used in mathematics and science to represent a “change” or more specifically a “difference” in a process or equation. It is a mathematical symbol which stands for change, and I loved the dual symbolism it held for me. It was a reminder that I am constantly changing and growing, and always striving to make a difference for myself and for others. It represented what I wanted to be, both as an educator and as a person. My delta is one of my favorite tattoos and I always have fun telling people about all the layers of what it represents. I am an infinite process and I will never stop changing for the better.


1 thought on “The Tattoo Series (2/7)

  1. Love the meaning behind your delta tattoo! 💗


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