Hippie Sh*t: Intro to Crystals With Dani Nicole

I’m a self declared hippie chick. I was introduced to meditation, energy, and our connection to the universe at a very young age. My mom and close family friends have always believed that everything in the universe is tied together through positive and negative energies, and we can control these energies. I’ve been meditating since as early as 3rd grade as a way to align my energy and my chakras.

I’ve always felt so annoyed and a little sad for people who roll their eyes when I mention these things as part of self care. There is so much to learn and share as far as energy work goes, but a great beginners’ place would be the use of crystals to control the energy and vibrations in the universe around you. Crystals aren’t just your latest boho trend, and other than being gorgeous they can have actual physical and emotional benefits!

Crystal Collection

I have a collection of crystals I’m pretty proud of so far. I even labeled them myself so I can quickly pick out the ones I need for the day or situation I’m facing. I have some jewelry I can wear to carry with me, and some that I have displayed in my home that I can use as needed.

I’m an amateur collector but there are people who are more well versed in how to use crystals for daily energy healing. For this post I actually wanted to get an expert opinion on how to properly use crystals and explain them to you so I interviewed Dani Nicole (IG: @indikacrystals) of IndikaCrystals.com, an online provider of crystals and crystal jewelry.

Dani Nicole @indikacrystals

The Basics

What is your best way of explaining Crystals and their usefulness to people who may have never heard of them before?

“Crystals to the untrained eye are basically pretty rocks. However, what lies beneath the surface are conduits of energy. Each crystal contains its own set of healing properties and has chakras its associated to for best healing potential. Crystals can be worn on the body, as jewelry, used for meditation, and also aids in lucid dreaming/preventing nightmares when placed under a pillow at night. Scientifically, Crystals are considered and established batch of molecules or atoms, the energy depends on the chemical reactions of the molecules and atoms present within the crystal, as in the periodic table of elements. Crystals have been on earth for hundreds of thousands of years.  In many ancient spiritualities they were given as gifts or used as tokens of love, life, wealth, health, and spiritual protection.  Crystals have been known to aid in the healing of many physical and psychological conditions such as: stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, nightmares, sexual stamina and endurance, heart conditions and skeletal conditions.”

When did you first start using Crystals?

“I started using Crystals a little over a year ago as a part of reconnecting with my ancestral African and Native American spiritualities.”

Amazonite Orb

What are some misconceptions about chakras? 

“The biggest misconception I have heard is that “We can’t see Chakras so they’re not real.” The chakras are a sensory molecular part of each Humans aura or energy plane, so it’s not ever been something you can physically see. When the chakras are imbalanced or need healing the symptoms can manifest in the physical realm.”

Are there any Crystals you carry daily? Which ones and why? 

“Clear quartz is a master healer stone and amplifies the energy of the other stones it’s paired with. I’d recommend this stone to anyone who’s just beginning with Crystals.

I also carry Lapis Lazuli which governs the throat chakra and helps the wearer acheive spiritual clarity. Lapis lazuli give their wearer the ability to not bite their tongue and express emotions in a healthy way.

Citrine is my birthstone and its for ambition and gusto. I use it to attract love and happiness in abundance and to keep my going throughout the day, and it’s best with solar plexus chakra.

Lastly I tend to carry Pyrite which is for the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Pyrite attracts wealth, good luck, and fortune and is excellent to put in a space of business or a desk/workspace.”

Selenite stick Hamsa box tarot cards eclectic decor hippie

Do you think most people buy your crystals and jewelry for healing purposes or for fashion?

“It’s 50/50. Half of my customers buy things based on the color or how the crystals look, & the other half research and ask questions about crystals pertaining to a certain issue & I suggest the best options. Then the customer chooses which crystal they like the most, and I create their vision for them.”

What do you say to people who are skeptical about crystals and their healing powers?

“To be skeptical about crystals is to be skeptical about nature, god, and the universe. Most people who don’t believe in crystals, don’t really have a faith in anything metaphysical at all so I tend to associate myself or attract ppl who believe more than I run into doubters.”

Where are your crystals sourced from?

“Various wholesalers in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. I also order from semi precious stone supplies out of state as well but all are from the United States.”

I’m so thankful the universe led me to Dani’s business and gave us all the opportunity to learn a little more about crystal use. I even got a few pieces from her that I chose based off of their listed benefits. Her website described the uses for each piece of jewelry which is great because its important to know the benefits of the crystals you’re using.

The jewelry I decided on was:

  • The Sag Szn bracelet made of hematite, which targets enlightenment and selfishness, and howlite which reduces stress and anxiety. As a Sagittarius these were things I wanted to focus on during my birth month and the upcoming holidays.Hematite bracelet intro to crystals
  • The Melody bracelet made of Amazonite which promotes courage and self esteem while fighting loneliness and self neglect. As a stay at home mom who sometimes feels lonely without other adults and very much self neglected since baby comes first, these qualities jumped out at me. Amazonite bracelet intro to crystals
  • The Carnelian Pendant for the Root chakra. Not only does this make you feel grounded since it aids your root chakra, it promotes courage, action and motivation which makes it crucial for me as 2019 rolls in. New year better me! Crystals necklace carnelian
  • I’m so happy to be able to use Dani’s jewelry, especially with the newfound knowledge I have of crystals.
Please check out indikacrystals.com to see all the ways you can make a fashion statement and soul statement all at the same time, and stay tuned for more in the hippie sh*t series on the blog.

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