Hippie Sh*t: Talking Tarot with Grace

You all know I was raised in a very spiritual and understanding household. My mom knew there were things in the universe that aren’t necessarily easy to explain, and she believed that there are energies that we must tune ourselves in to sometimes. Although my mom doesn’t practice tarot, I feel that it was her belief in something greater and her faith in the universe that made me unafriad to try it. Tarot is not a fortune telling, magical deck of cards like Hollywood has made it seem. It is also not just a party or carnival trick.

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Tarot is a way to tune into your intuition and unlock what the universe may be trying to tell you. I tried tarot for the first time after a reiki healer mentioned I could use it to be more in tune with my own intuition and emotions. I’ve always described it as a method for the universe to easily send you “signs” about what to do next or where you’re headed when you’re feeling stuck.

I read tarot often for myself but I am not a professional at all, so I got help from Grace or @morningstartarot on Instagram to answer some of the questions I know someone unfamiliar with tarot might have! Our interview covered most of the elements of tarot that are unclear to the average person, and her responses were so beautifully worded and clearly laid out.

What is tarot, in your own words?

“Tarot, as with all divination, is a reflection tool first. Often, the tarot helps return to the forefront the thoughts, feelings and conflicts that we’ve pushed to the back of our mind. Divination brings emotional and psychological healing by helping us tune in to our intuition, which is inextricably linked to our path toward spiritual elevation.”

Grace of @morningstartarot

Is tarot associated with anything religious?

“You will often hear people try to pigeonhole many forms of divination, including tarot, as being part of a single tradition. However, Tarot has a rich and somewhat mysterious history, and is definitely not associated with any one religion. The earliest traditional deck, the Tarot de Marseilles, came from the south of France in 1709, when it was created by master card maker (yep, a real position) Pierre Madenié, for the Duke or Burgundy. This deck actually uses Christian imagery for much of the Major Arcana. For example, there is the “Pope” card, “Papess”, and “The Tower” which depicts the biblical scene of the builders of the Tower of Babel being struck down by a bolt of divine lightning. Playing cards had become popular in the 17th century, and even today’s modern playing deck is organized with suits, numbers, and court cards—just like the Minor Arcana in the tarot! It’s thought by some historians that the tarot roots may reach back to ancient Asia or Egypt, and that playing cards and divining information from them was ancient knowledge brought back to Europe during the crusades.”

Why and when do you use tarot?

“The most important element of my practice with Tarot is using it as a meditation tool. It’s helped motivate me to act when I had been too afraid or distracted to. It has motivated me to be more careful with what I say and what u do. It has helped me become closer to myself by trusting my intuition more and worrying about the material less. I now use this to help others try to do the same.”

What process do you go through when you do a reading?

“It’s important to read, psychically, the aura and disposition of the questioner before drawing. This usually just comes from some small talk and feeling that person’s “vibe.” The type of question they ask can also be very telling.”

Can anyone do tarot?

“No. At least, not at just any stage of their self development. When I was a timid, fearful person, I probably was not well equipped to tap into the certainty of myself that is required to read tarot or work psychically. When I was an angry, disillusioned person, I would have refused to acknowledge the common thread of the universal fabric that connects us all and allows me to see into you, and you to see into me. Now that I’m a person on a path of healing, actualization and knowledge—I’m the type of person that I would want to be read by. Practicing tarot and other spiritual work can help one to heal, but it takes someone with a certain level of unobscured introspection to be a GOOD reader.”

Not only was I able to pick her brain about tarot and gain some insight on how to better explain it to beginners, I was also allowed a reading! She gives personalized online readings and allowed me to ask one question. I had to think of something I was comfortable sharing with my readers, and with the new year coming I decided to focus on the upcoming part of my life.

“What does 2019 have in store for me?”

She reassured me that it was a pretty straightforward process. She was completely right about having to be at a certain stage in your development to truly be able to practice tarot and benefit from it. When thinking of possible questions I could ask, I realized there were some things I was not ready to receive insight on yet. Since I wasn’t open to truly taking in those answers yet, I decided it was best not to focus on those questions for this reading. I think any time you’re going to be examined or asking the universe to guide you it can be a little nerve wrecking as you wait for it’s response!

My reading brought me these answers:

Transformation Spread

Top: Destiny

“The Ace of Pentacles will be yours. This card presages mastery over finances, comfort, and good fortune—perhaps in the form of a new career or new success in your current career.”

This resonated with me because I just quit my 9-5 to become a SAHM, but I am focusing a lot more on my photography and event planning through social media. I have been so worried about whether it will be enough to help my husband with our financial load.

Middle: Transformation

“The Queen of Pentacles in reverse recognizes that you have some self limiting beliefs. She appears next to the Six of Cups, who reflects the feeling of nostalgia and joy of reflecting on childhood. I think the cards are asking you here to remember what it was like to unquestioningly believe in yourself, rekindle the passion you had for hobbies and activities that as an adult you have struggled to find time or energy for. Don’t let adulthood silence your imagination. Also, this may be a time that you are passing own your own lessons to a younger person, child, or mentee. Be mindful of what you choose to pass on.”

This was all about my son! My mother is always telling me that he reminds her so much of how I was as an infant, and I see my personality in him constantly. I feel like I am spending a ton of time thinking of myself as a baby and a child, so it is bringing back memories for sure. Now that I am able to stay home with him I am learning to focus my energy on what kind of lessons I want to make sure he absorbs.

Bottom: Current/Challenges

“This section of the spread speaks to a dichotomy. It seems like you are in a happy, harmonious relationship, as indicated by the Ten of Cups. Your heart is even blissfully content with most aspects of family and romantic life. Temperance shows that you’ve been able to achieve a delicate balance—but a warning: often, the person working hardest to maintain balance is lighting the candle at both ends.”

I was so scared to hear about my challenges. It is hard to hear about what may be “going wrong” in your life, and you have to be open to what the tarot may bring to your attention. I do feel like my husband and I are doing fairly well as parents, but it is true that I am feeling burnt out occasionally. He works a labor intensive job and being a SAHM is also a 24/7 gig! By the end of the day we both need a break, and we’re both too tired to help the other. I do feel like I am over exerting myself trying to avoid asking for help since I feel like his job leaves him so physically drained. I’ve actually decided maybe it’s best to get a babysitter on a weekday, maybe even just for an hour, to let us both just talk and relax or have dinner as a couple. I may start doing this more often.

“Make sure the effort is mutual. This brings us to the Eight of Swords. I think this is a phase you WILL go through in 2019, and perhaps one that you are already actively pushing to the back of your mind. There’s a feeling of being trapped. What we usually don’t realize is that this we self inflict this by creating our own limitations. In the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck, this is depicted as a woman whose is blindfolded, tied, and encircled by 8 swords.”

I think this is going back to my financial worry and feeling of having to be a super mom. I’m terrified of being judged and seeming like I’m not helping my husband enough. Being at home makes me feel like I should have a perfectly clean house and dinner when he comes home and sometimes that just does not happen. Not bringing in any money makes me feel like I have to make it up somehow, and I do feel a lot of anxiety about what 2019 will be like for us with only half our normal income. These feelings aren’t exactly founded because so far we’ve been doing great, so I do need to relax.

“Her arms are free enough to where she could unite herself and remove the blindfold if she wanted to. But she is in a victim mindset which makes her feel she cannot. It’s the mindset that makes her feel like she can’t succeed, not the facts of the situation. If you get one thing from this reading, I hope that you’ll remember the lesson behind the Eight of Swords, as it speaks to the cause of most failures, that is, that we never believe in ourselves enough to try.”

So that settles it! I am going to believe in myself as a business woman and as a mom. Sometimes all I can do in a day is be a good mom to my baby. Sometimes that means laundry piles up, dishes go unwashed, and dinner is McDonald’s. That is fine. I’ll continue to start to build up my business through social media and plan events where I can meet other moms and women and have fun. I’ll stop freaking out about no one showing up or having a good time. 2019 will be a year of new experiences and I will welcome them all.

I am so happy to have done this and opened myself up to the universe. Grace is so knowledgeable and really hit all the major points of what I wanted to know. I am so grateful she opened her practice up for us to learn about. Remember to follow her @morningstartarot on Instagram and contact her for your own personal reading and experience.

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  1. She was on point! 2019 will be your year!

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