Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we will all be getting a chance to show that special person in our lives how much we care for them.

Valentine’s Day is all about love! My parents used to get us something small every year to remind us of how much they adored us, and I’m glad they didn’t exclude us from their celebrations. It’s a great holiday to express love to anyone special in your life, whether that’s your partner, your parents, your kiddos, the list goes on . If you’re single, pick a loved one to spoil this year. We need to realize how lucky we are to be able to love and be loved.

Here you’ll have ten options to look through and find some inspiration. As a first time mom and wife, I can say I’d love to open up any of these thoughtful and heartfelt gifts this Valentine’s Day.

1. Sincerely Silver Custom Necklace

Custom designs are always a great idea because that gift will be one of a kind! With Simply Silver Co.’s jewlery your loved one will feel so special knowing that you went out of your way to have something specifically made for them. Jewlery is never a bad idea, and rose gold is the perfect touch to go with the valentine’s theme as well. I had mine engraved with my son’s birthday to make it extra meaningful and celebrate my Mom’s first valentine’s with her grandson! I loved the Roman numeral piece which you can purchase here, but there are a ton of customizable options on their site. I was so happy to receive this and I think that special someone in your life will be too. You could add an anniversary as well, and the Roman numerals only add to the beauty of the piece. Using the code MTCDMP on Sincerely Silver’s website you can also receive 15% off!

2. Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

For the person in your life that loves to cook but also has a great sense of humor! This cookbook is hilarious and actually has some good recipes in it as well. Not the idea of a sexy valentine’s they were probably expecting, but it would be super helpful for dinner time! I know I’m not the best at cooking but this might actually get me to crack open a book and make dinner every once in a while.

3. Plan and Book a Photo Session


Planning a photoshoot is such a lovely surprise! After first finding a photographer with a great portfolio you can book ahead of time and maybe even get your special someone a new outfit for the occasion. I’ve worked with plenty of photographers in the Dallas area including Audrey Brooke Photography, Laurie Arriaga, and of course my startup Lana V Photography.

4. Charm Bracelet – Chrismar Handicrafts


I was gifted a bracelet from Chrismar in November, and I knew I had to add them to the list. The leather on the bracelet is very high quality, and they make all types of charms. I have a little boy and mommy charm on mine, and my mom has a grandma charm on hers. I wore it every chance I got and went ahead and purchased more! These are handmade in Costa Rica so you know you’re getting something one of a kind and not just mass produced, plus you’re supporting a small business. Look on Amazon for some different charm and design options and the wide variety of colors you can get too!

5. Gift an Experience!


There are so many cool things that you can do locally. Gift a wine tasting, carriage ride, a safari tour, or anything! Did you know you can even do a gondola ride in Las Colinas? Even if you’re outside of the DFW area, there are usually a ton of ways to explore your town without actually giving another present that most likely won’t be used or cherished.

6. Autumn Moon Clothing


Who says you have to give up comfort for style? Autumn Moon makes the most stylish unisex clothing, so you can be wearing your comfy tee while still being fashionable. Their black and white designs are unique and the tees are high quality. I modeled a hoodie which was so warm! My husband has stolen my long sleeve AM tee, so I’m in the market for a new one too!

7. Salon Visit


Whether it’s a haircut, blow dry and style, a wax, a scalp massage, manipedi, lash extensions, you name it! Book the appointments and let your valentine know it’s all set up. Sometimes as we forget to get some me time and just do a little to feel good about ourselves and our appearance. You can find out their usual salons or fave places to go, or you can try a couple of my DFW favorites: S&V Waxing Spa, JT Hair Lab, or Bri Elle Aesthetics.

8. A Swedish or Deep Tissue massage

No one would ever turn down a massage! I didn’t realize how much stress carrying a baby can put on your body until this year. Between pregnancy and actually holding my chubby baby all day long, my back needed some relief and luckily my sister booked a massage for me this winter! We all need a little stress relief every now and then, so focusing on your body and clearing your mind for an hour is a great thing to give someone. A couple of my go to massage therapists are JaeTherapy or JR Fitness.

9. Hire a Personal Stylist


Let’s face it, some of us are in yoga pants 95% of the time now. Getting dressed is hard, and going shopping is therapeutic but doesn’t happen as much as we’d like either! A personal stylist can shop for clothing that is best for you or do a closet audit and create styles with what you already own, among a ton of other cool services! I recommend Fort Worth’s own Ayron Bloss for my readers in the DFW area.

10. Soapsterz – Personalized Soaps


Soapsterz is a Fort Worth brand of handmade soaps that can be customized and catered to your loved one! You can add a photo, shape it into their favorite flower, even request a certain scent. Much better than the chemical filled stuff you get at the store and much more sentimental as well.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate your love this Valentine’s, make sure its filled with positivity and joy! Don’t focus on the gift, focus on the thought that goes into it and how lucky we all are to have someone in this world to love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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