Trying Out the Simple Wishes Pump Bra!

Pumping is by far the WORST part of breastfeeding, in my opinion.

Half the time I would rather leak than pump. I seriously hate it that bad! I think just the act of pulling out a pump, having to sit there for a good chunk of time, cleaning pump parts, bagging and storing milk, it just sucks. What’s worse is that it’s almost always while baby is sleeping or during time I would much rather be spending on ME and not getting milk out of my boobs.

Of course, I know a lot of people don’t get a choice. I am lucky enough to be able to feed at the breast at almost all times, and I don’t need to have any milk stored since I stay home with baby. I solely pump because I have an oversupply and I donate most of what I store.

As someone who thinks pumping And storing milk is super uncomfortable, I have found a ton of ways to try to improve my relationship with my pump and build up a milk store.

Invest in a Quality Pumping Bra

This is something I held off on doing and truly regret. Without a pumping bra, you are confined to one spot and have both hands full for the entire time you’re pumping. That could be 30+ minutes of sitting completely still! It’s hard to sit there without having something to pass the time, even if it’s just being able to scroll through Facebook. I see now that forcing myself to sit there with both hands in use for so long only made my relationship with pumping and storing much worse. Even when breastfeeding directly I always had one hand free to read articles or scroll through Instagram! You’d be surprised to know how many blog posts were written over some 3am milk feeds.

I finally found the SimpleWishes hands free bra and it did wonders to improve my relationship with my pump.

Now I can use both hands to get some work done while pumping!

Getting a quality bra versus just anything is important because having a good snug fit makes sure you aren’t thinking of the pump parts slipping or not properly suctioning. I know as new moms we tend to try to save money everywhere we can and I think the idea of another “unnecessary accessory” made me avoid buying a bra. I even looked into some that were cheap and flimsy. The difference is noticeable.

The Simple Wishes Pumping Bra has really good sizing guides and great back support which has been a huge help for me when pumping. I have a large chest and spend all day hunched over a baby, so pumping is not another time I want to feel slouched. It’s also soft and comfortable to wear, which is important when you consider how long and how often you may need to pump.

Although I don’t pump often a lot of moms work, which means the majority of their day or at least half they’re pumping for their little one! That’s a lot of time to feel uncomfortable or to be unable to get work done.

It’s super easy to adjust without messing with belts and buckles, just wrap around your body and insert your pump flanges. It added maybe one minute to my pumping prep.

With the fit of a simple wishes bra you become totally handsfree, so you can work on a laptop, eat lunch, and multi-task! If you’re taking a pump brea every 2-3 hours at work for at least thirty minutes, you could be losing over an hour of productive time a day holding a pump!

There are also a ton of color and style options. I went with the pink color, and they have a nude or black option as well. As I mentioned I’m a big girl with big boobs and the XL from the sizing guide seemed best. It fit perfectly but would even fit a girl much larger than me just fine. It has adjustable Velcro closure and even has an additional strip of fabric that comes with a zipper attachment to easily add an inch or so to the bust size! It made me even more confident I would get the right fit when ordering.

I recommend the simple wishes brand bra for everyone from exclusive pumpers to the occasional pumping mom like myself. It’s worth the investment!

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