SNAP 151 – A Pop-Up Playdate

Last week, had their influencer team attend an event at Snap 151, a pop up photo studio with a ton of unique backdrops, props, and Instagram photo ops! When most people think of these types of pop ups, influencers and content creators come to mind.

Photo by RCPhotogrAphy

But what about our kiddos?

Are these props and photo ops kid friendly? Would our kids get “in the way” of all the young adults trying to get their latest insta post to be their best yet?

We were a group of 10 parents, each of us with at least one child. That left us with around 10-20 kids, both girls and boys, of a huge age range. Let me tell you – WE LOVED IT.

You get one hour to take as many photos as you’d like – which is plenty of time! Our group of littles was worn out by the end of our session.

Photo by RCPhotogrAphy

The vibrant colors and crazy photoscapes aren’t something you get to see daily and they for sure aren’t your usual artwork. It’s a way for the kids to be stimulated, try and see new things, and of course meet new friends at a super unique play date. We had infants giggling for two hours over the funky color schemes or the flamingo props, and we had 1st graders who wore themselves out and were ready for a nap by the end of our time there.

The ball pit was a fan favorite – parents included!

Photo by RCPhotogrAphy

The staff never once made us feel like our energetic kids were unwelcome, even when yellow balls went flying across the room or a wild group of toddlers dragged confetti out the door again. They handed us little maps of each backdrop, showed us all the amenities and made the experience unforgettable.

A HUGE part of what makes snap 151 different is the amenities! They have hooks to hang up purses and diaper bags, changing rooms for outfit changes mid photoshoot, and a bathroom that’s easily accessible. These are so important when you have 20 kids bouncing around!

We cannot wait to visit again, and you can use the code DFWPGSNAP151 for a discount on your tickets! Also FYI – kids are not free but there is a lower ticket price for toddlers under age 3.

CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets!

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