The Tattoo Series (4/7)

In my last post I talked about my romantic relationships, but now I want to talk about important friendships in my life!

I’ve had the same best friend since I was in kindergarten. I’ve been lucky enough to grow very close to more kind souls over the years, but they haven’t gotten tattoos with me so they don’t get a blog post. (Sorry girls)

Dejanara has been there with me through every wild phase, every crazy haircut, every silly idea I’ve ever had. You grow a lot over 20 years, you know? Our families spend holidays together, we’ve taken trips together, and sometimes it’s hard to remember we’re not actually related.

We’ve grown up to be totally different people with different interests, because obviously most people change quite a bit after first grade. Our interests, taste in men (though we both have picked some sh*tty ones), groups of friends, styles, and hobbies are usually on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. Despite having grown far apart in terms of personality and interests, our friendship hasn’t changed a bit. I think it’s refreshing to have such a close friend who is so different from you and offers a totally different perspective and opinion you value.

Having a friend this close, for this long, means that we’re more comfortable being straight up with each other. Being able to avoid Beaton around the bush is something I’ve learned is so rare in friendships. If someone truly cares about you, they’ll be truthful with you even if it means letting you know you’re in the wrong now and then.

We’ve somehow managed not to kill each other over the last twenty years, though I’m sure there were a few times we really wanted to. Being friends with ANYONE for this long brings its share of turmoils. (Middle school was a war zone)

Her entire family has always just been an extension of mine. My mom vents to hers, my dad embarrasses her as much as me when he’s telling dad jokes. Her mom has told me to stop being a bitch to my parents when I needed it and her dad has been one of the kindest souls I’ve gotten to know. We share the older sister duties with my baby sister and I got to have an older brother that I kind of want to ask God for a refund on but I guess it doesn’t work that way. I don’t have any family anywhere near me, as we immigrated from Costa Rica and left all our extended family behind. Being adopted by Dej’s family was amazing for everyone involved.

We got our anchor tattoos a few years back after I got the idea from a mayday parade song.

You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground, I’ll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds.

It’s really kind of a love song, but that specific quote really explains our relationship and the song mentions two people who can’t live without each other. Really, I can’t imagine not having her around!

The anchor represents stability, a constant. Dejanara has undoubtably been a constant in my life, for better or for worse, and I think we take turns being the wild child and reminding the other to be a little crazy now and then.

Sometimes she’s my anchor, sometimes she’s my wings, and I’m always grateful either way.

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