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You all know that the ingredients in the products I use are very important to me.

I was introduced to the Environmental Working Group system last year and have loved being able to refer to it. I can look up how “natural” an item is on a scale of 1-10, and I was so surprised to find out how poorly a lot of my go to products scored.

I started to find myself taking up so much time scanning bar codes, reading reviews, and even comparing ingredients in the middle of my grocery store. It got overwhelming, especially when I needed these products to also have good overall reviews – if it’s all natural but doesn’t work, then I’ve wasted my money. is a lifesaver for those of us who need a quick and easy way to shop clean. All the information you need is in one place, so you don’t need to do hours of research or comparison shopping. I made my first order a couple weeks ago and was so impressed with the shopping process. Not only that – they actually saved me money and a trip to the grocery store, which means a little less time trying to entertain my little one at Walmart.

If you try them out this month, you even get a entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card!

What is

Clean Goods basically just helps you find the best clean products. The Clean Goods rating system allow you to find the best clean products for your family based off of the things that matter the most – purity, performance, and price.

For each product you’ll see a rating for these three categories, as well as an average of the scores. (For all ratings, 1 is the worst score and 10 is the best.)

Purity – Clean Goods rates how clean the product really is based on a variety of product values (like Cruelty free, Vegan, Paraben free), scores from the Environmental Working Group, and real user reviews. For some products, like my all purpose cleaners, its important to me to have a high purity. Since I don’t mind paying a little bit more for this, I could compare similar cleaners and look at their purity ratings to decide: I went with the Better Life cleaner sicne it had a high rating!

product listings 1

Performance – This one was a game changer for me. I hate to say it, but so often there are natural products that have a great ingredients list, but terrible performance. Sometimes I can sacrifice some performance in exchange for non-toxic ingredients, but there are some products I cannot budge on.

For example, I cloth diaper. My husband also works in construction. This means my laundry detergent has to work on tough stains and soiled diapers, or I risk a diaper rash and smelly diapers for my little one! So while I want a safe detergent I always spend so much time researching reviews to make sure it is also a detergent that also works well. Thanks to, I don’t have to go all over the internet to find these reviews anymore! Their site sets its all out for me based on a large volume of user reviews that highlight the best and worst attributes of their products!

Price – This one is also a super important factor when shopping. Avoiding toxic ingredients can get pricey, and we all have to maintain our budget for groceries. Factoring in price is something almost no rating system does. I always found myself having to compare a ton of product prices, especially now that our household is reliant on my husband’s salary alone. It is so nice to have pricing already accounted for.

Not only that – but Clean Goods finds the best price for your order automatically. When you place an order through Clean Goods they fulfill your order through trusted retailers like Walmart, Target, or Amazon based on the lowest cost to you. They’ll compare prices for you! When I ordered they let me know my products would have been $80 from walmart, but were only $40 from Amazon! I saved money shopping from Clean Goods instead of trying to get these products on my usual grocery trip. They did the work for me, but I took the credit when I told hubby about it of course.

What About the Products? 

I ordered most of the basics I needed to stock up on. The products I received included the Better Life All Purpose Cleaner and Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Method laundry detergent from Target, and a new dish soap called Grab Green I was excited to try.

1. Better Life Products

The Better Life All Purpose Cleaner was rated very highly in the purity category. This is important to me for a general cleaner because this will be touching most surfaces in my home. I don’t mind paying a little more for this, so although the “price” rating was a bit lower it was fine with me.

The cleaner itself can be diluted a bit, and I’m happy with the size of the bottles. It was a two pack! The smell is light, and it worked to get out most spots on my counter tops without any extra elbow grease. I give this one five stars, as did most of the reviews on Clean Goods anyway!

The Better Life Toilet Bowl Cleaner also lived up to its reviews. Although my family won’t necessarily be touching this product, it is something that will be flushed into our water system. This product was highly rated in all three categories so I was eager to try it! There were no harsh, bleach smells that so many toilet bowl cleaners have. It also took out all the stains! The Better Life brand left me very impressed.

2. Method Laundry Detergent

I’ve heard so much about Method brand at Target lately. Like I mentioned previously, I can’t afford to give up performance for purity in my detergents. I also look for a strong, name brand detergent for my cloth diapers and my husbands soiled work clothing. This detergent has great ratings for purity and performance, but is considered pricier than most.  For the price, I do wish the bottle was bigger than it is. This is almost double the cost of other name brand detergents!

The good thing is it is very concentrated. This means you don’t have to use  as much as other detergents, so a bottle will last you a little longer. It helps a little bit!

3. Grab Green Dish Soap

The dish soaps were the hardest to choose from. Most of the high purity soaps are also high in cost, but low in performance! And most of the high performing soaps have below average purity (around a 5 rating).

I settled for a happy medium with Grab Green brand. The average rating on Clean Goods for this brand as a 7.9. It has high purity and performance, but is a bit more expensive. Once again, Clean Good’s rating system was perfect for me because a high performing dish soap was a must, regardless of cost. I am not the type to hop up after a meal and do dishes, so I need something that can get old gunk off the plates once I’ve let it sit for too long! While the cleaning power on this was okay, it is another one which is a little pricey for the bottle size. I am going to dilute a tad bit more and see how much performance I scarifice by doing so. I may even to check out some of the better pricing options on clean goods next time and see how it goes! One big thing I will mention with Grab Green is that I did notice my hands weren’t dried out after washing my dishes.

Without a doubt, my experience was overwhelmingly positive. Even the minor issues I had with products weren’t a surprise to me because they had real and honests reviews on their site. I am so happy to have found this site and can’t wait to order my next round of products!

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