The Kids Play Co. – Richardson

A few weeks ago I attended an event hosted by and was pleasantly surprised to learn it was right in my area! The Kids Play Co. is an amazing play space and a perfect way to get out of the Texas heat or give your kiddos a way to release a ton of energy.

Photo by Portraits by Celeste

Kids Play Co – Dallas Kids Activities

The different activities available seem endless. From various imaginative play opportunities like the schoolhouse or mechanic shop, to gross and fine motor skill development, and even coffee and wifi for the mom and dad, Kid’s Play Co. was a hit for me and baby!

We drank free coffee, ate some great cookies from Sweet Schnibbles, and we even had a New York Life create free children’s ID for every parent. New York Life was there exclusively for the DFWPG event!

I also got to meet a ton of parents with kids of all ages thanks to

What Age Group Should Visit Kids Play Co.?

Kids play co. stated that their activities are best fit for kids from 0 to 8 years old.

The first time I took baby P he was 9 months old, and almost had walking perfected. Even for babies that can only crawl or are practicing standing, there was an awesome infant area with a ton of great toys for development.

Baby playing at the kids play co in Richardson

Older kiddos can have a ton of fun actually using the grocery store checkout, or refueling their play cars with gas at the gas station! This is great for their imaginations.

There was even a section with different locks, keys, and buttons to practice fine motor skills.

Classes At Kids Play Co.

Not only is there great toys, but they offer scheduled classes and workshops as well! Everything from kids’ yoga to music class.

Join me for a playdate or grab your monthly membership soon! I can’t wait to be back, and have been dropping hints at gift cards for baby’s birthday….

Make sure to check out their future events or hours at

Address: 2701 Custer Pkwy, Suite 718 Richardson, TX 75080

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