Remember when they told us women had to be catty? That two gorgeous women couldn’t get along? That there’s no way for a girl to look at herself and be confident in what she sees?


photo by RCPhotography

It’s 2019, we’re running that sh*t into the ground.

At the Positivity Party, over 40 women of all ages, races, beliefs, and size got together and decided that instead of being forced to compete we were going to push each other toward growth.

I’ve never hosted an event with this many attendees because I like intimacy and being able to create connections when networking. As soon as I announced my vision for this party, however, I got such an overwhelming amount of interest from local businesses willing to collab, women wanting to attend, and people supporting from far and wide that it just didn’t seem right to limit anyone who wanted to come out.

I also wanted to make sure that this photoshoot truly represented what body positivity is. So often we only think of one body type that needs “positivity” because we automatically associate fat as such a horribly negative thing! The truth is that all women have something about themselves that someone has told them wasn’t good enough.

I would call them unspoken rules, but aren’t they spoken out loud way too often?

You don’t want to be too skinny, or too fat.

Not too dark, or too pasty.

Being tall is intimidating, but being petite is associated with weakness.

You must be healthy, but don’t have “manly” muscles.

Make sure your hair color and cut are professional, too!

Speaking of hair, did you do a full body shave? You can’t go out without one.

God forbid you go through all of this and STILL forget a full face of makeup. No visible acne, wrinkles, the whole works.

Stretch marks must be hidden AT ALL COSTS.

The list goes on and on. I wanted to create a space where everything that you did to get ready, you did FOR YOURSELF. Wear the makeup, get the tan, throw on that bikini!

OR don’t.

But whatever you decide to do, do it confidently, and do it for yourself. NOT because society decided you have to.

I am blessed to have been surrounded by these amazing women for a few hours. To talk about ourselves, our growth, and to just unwind and relax and hype ourselves up without fear of judgement. This was all possible because of our attendees, and of course because of our amazing sponsors.

Please check out a few links below, follow, share, and support the local businesses that made this event possible!

And if you haven’t yet today, remember to show yourself a little love too.

Photos by:

Shelby Hall Images


Allie Marie Photography

Posh Fairy EventsFlower Walls & Balloon Decor

Equinox on the ParkApartment Complex & Pool Lounge

Bring Me Bronze Custom Tanning Services

Ayron Bloss Image ConsultantPersonal Styling

Better than Buttercreamhomemade cookies

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