TFTI – Thanks for the Invite!

Did you know what TFTI stood for?! I didn’t until I talked to the owner of TFTI Experience in Arlington.

By far, this has been my FAVORITE photo pop-up of the year. I arranged this event alongside so we could have some families out to preview the space!

First, the lighting was amazing! Which is something that a lot of the pop up studios and art installations struggle with.

Second, the interactive photo areas were each super unique, super instagrammable, and just so exciting to walk into. You never knew what they next room might hold, but you were always excited to get to it! The poses and photos you could create were endless and always unique. They were very different from each other so I do recommend bringing a few different outfits so you match the background you choose. They have changing rooms because they’ve thought of everything! I left my little one at home because he had a bad experience at a previous photo pop-up, Candytopia, and I regretted it so much! He would have loved this.

Lastly, it was super organized. Step by step the attendants guided you, took photos for you, and the space is so huge that it never feels crowded. For super popular areas like the mirror room or feather pillow room, the attendants try to have a time limit to manage the lines and allow everyone to have a chance at taking photos.

TFTI has extended their stay in the DFW because they’ve been such a hit, and I totally get why! They will be here until August 11th, and their last day is a DOGGY DAY so Get your tickets before they head out!

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