Candytopia Review – Should You Bring Baby?

I was invited to Candytopia on a Sunday morning, and I was so excited for the photos I’d get there. I took a friend plus my little family, including my son who was a crawler at the time.

Let me start by saying that the experience itself is awesome! The art made out of candy is so unique and fun and the interactive portions made for great photo ops too. The entire experience is super interactive with moving installations, air blowing in you, music and actors, the list goes on!

They have their own app to take photos using their cameras which have amazing angles and great quality! I was so happy to be able to get photos of my whole group using the app. The workers are also happy to help take photos for you. The entire experience is very interactive and the employees are great at their jobs.

I will say, however, my son was not as big of a fan. I underestimated how dark and loud it would be, which is totally part of the experience. The actors are invested and make you feel as if you’re walking through a candy factory, but the loud speakers, blow horns, and strong fans used were a little scary for my baby. It’s my fault for not thinking more about taking him, though. I saw plenty of older kiddos (I would say 3+) who had a blast, as well as teenagers, adults, and a ton of photographers! The itty bitties were the ones having a rough time, but hey they got in free anyway.

Photo wise, the shots you get will be colorful and different, but lighting needs some work. There is a great variety of photo ops.

I would recommend attending at least once before they leave, and I would love to be back on my own again!

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