The Museum Of Memories

The museum of memories is a new art installation painted by @have_a_nice_dayy, and this 90s baby FREAKING LOVED IT. We were also lucky enough to attend while Lushra partnered with them so there was a gorgeous balloon display at the entrance.

Are you looking for other Dallas pop us to visit? Try candytopia while it’s still in town!


It’s all 90s/2000s themed, so this was literally so nostalgic! Mean girls references, a room dedicated to the diary I seriously owned in 5th grade, and so many fun props to use for photos. The playlist is on point and the attendant caught us doing a little booty shaking more times than I want to admit…

I went early on a weekday thanks to Yelp Dallas, so it was literally just my sister, my son, and me. We took over the whole space and they were very patient with us!

My son is the ball pit king so he saw their yellow themed bathtub filled with balls and went to town. The rubber duckies were also a fave of his, and the chess set which was so hard to pick up after he got them everywhere! He loved all the interactive pieces. The see saw room was by far his favorite though because there were basketballs! I think kids of all ages would have fun here.

There are a few interactive rooms with actual props, and a ton of murals. Basically any part of the space, including the bathroom and hallways, and even the stairway you use to enter were made to be totally instagrammable.

Any orange or pink rooms had lighting that was a little hit or miss, but overall I was happy with how photos turned out. Some rooms even have natural light!

I tried to dress in bright pastel colors to match the theme, and even wore a Pokémon shirt because I tried really hard to shout-out a cartoon I watched growing up. I would recommend multiple outfits as the vibe of the room can change and you’ll take soooo many photos here you might want to have different looks!

Bathrooms are in the center of the exhibit and are easily accessible.

I’ll probably be making a second trip before they leave town!

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