29Rooms – Art Installation by Refinery 29

If you’re an art lover who is also political and appreciates creativity, you’ll want to see this. It’s a one of a kind immersive art experience all courtesy of Refinery29. Grab tickets for DFW’s pop up art show ASAP.

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Interactive exhibits have been popping up everywhere all summer, a lot of them just touring the country and going to huge cities.

29Rooms started in 2015 during New York Fashion Week. They wanted a totally different experience from the usual swanky and upscale feel of NYFW, and they wanted to make a statement.

Complete with a various Instagram worthy rooms and photo ops, visitors are welcome to explore freely and truly take in all of the different styles of art show cased in this exhibit. The art is contemporary and super different from the usual bright and bubbly feel of most pop ups lately.

It was also SUPER political – but you know your girl loves that. That’s the biggest difference between 29Rooms and and other popular pop ups. Statements on human rights, black culture, feminism and abortion access are found. It’s important to talk about these things and I think it was done beautifully.

29Rooms wants you to paint, dance, and immerse yourself in their art! There’s plenty of places to sit and eat or grab a drink from the bar so your creativity can really flow.

Is 29Rooms kid-friendly?

29Rooms welcomes families and states that strollers are welcome into the exhibit. Since I attended for their cocktail party it was too late to bring my little one.

I think for an older child it would be a really great way to start a conversation about some rough topics. The art is “controversial” and talks about a lot of current events and issues, but it’s issues we should be talking about!

For a younger kiddo, I totally still think a visit is worth it. There isn’t anything inappropriate in my opinion, and the feeling of community and positivity is a great vibe!

How Much Does 29Rooms Cost?

Early bird is sold out and prices start at $34 for GA, but the code SURPRISE29 you can get $10 off your tickets! The exhibit will be open from August 8th-18th, so you have to act fast.

Check out 29Rooms at Gilley’s, located at 1135 S Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215

Creativity is waiting at the 29Rooms interactive art exhibit. Create a one of a kind date night or an interesting outing by bringing your friends and family here to explore.

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