Easy Snack for Toddlers – Ft. Once Again Organic Almond Spread

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Easy Toddler snacks

It can seem hard to find fun, balanced, and simple snack ideas for your toddler. I remember when we started baby led weaning with my son at 6 months, I kept track of every meal! Once I hit 150 foods, though, it became harder and harder to make meal time interesting.

I’m so glad to have been able to try out Once Again Amore Organic Almond Spread! It has milk chocolate so is great as a treat or for a sweet breakfast. We used it for baby boy’s birthday breakfast, and Hubby and I enjoyed it as much as baby did!

I chose breakfast because I to use lots of fruits and sweeter flavors in my little ones breakfast, and pack in protein and veggies for later meals.

Here’s the super easy recipe!


– Crescent Rolls

– Once Again Amore Organic Almond Spread (with milk chocolate)

– blueberries (halved to prevent choking)

– strawberries (quartered to prevent choking)


And was all done within 15 minutes including prep time.

  1. I preheated my oven to 375 degrees and prepared my baking tray. My rolls did not require oil or spray.
  2. I used a knife to spread a little bit of the Once Again Spread on each flat crescent roll
  3. I rolled up each crescent roll with the Once Again Spread in the center and popped it in the oven.
  4. While the rolls baked, I washed my blueberries and strawberries and cut them to prevent choking! Most round foods need to be cut in halves or quarter, so the blueberries were halved. Strawberries do best for my son when they are quartered as they are easier to gran and chew.
  5. Once the rolls have baked all the way, just take them out and wait for them to cool.Easy toddler snacks
  • Sometimes I pop food in the freezer for a few minutes so it can reach room temp quickly – let’s face it, our kids do NOT want to wait, especially when it looks so yummy!

  • The Once Again Spread is really what sent the breakfast over the top. A sweet treat is okay in moderation for our little ones! I love the smooth texture, and the fact that it is non-GMO and an organic alternative to conventional nut butters or chocolate spreads. I think we would eat it by itself if I’m being honest!
  • You can click HERE to order some of this delicious, organic spread for yourself! Also check out Once Again’s huge variety of nut butters.
  • Can you think of any other fun ways to use this spread? Or do you have a go to breakfast for Toddlers? Let me know in the comments!
  • – L
  • 2 thoughts on “Easy Snack for Toddlers – Ft. Once Again Organic Almond Spread

    1. Yum!! I wanna try to make these


      1. So easy! And you can fill with almost anything. We’ve done ham and cheese ones too.


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