Miniluxe Nail Salon In Dallas || Non-toxic pampering!

Non-toxic beauty is seriously growing in DFW, and it’s getting easier and easier to find all types of salons that cater to those trying to use healthier products. Miniluxe Highland Park is the perfect place for a little self-care with services from gel nails to body waxing.

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MiniLuxe Highland Park

Miniluxe is a business that caters to those living vegan or non-toxic lifestyles. Everything except the acetone has no animal byproduct, and even cleaning supplies are made with healthy alternatives to toxic chemicals! I was so happy to be invited to their Fall Nail Polish Launch. As if the mani wasn’t enough, I got to drink a little champagne and enjoy macaroons from We The Birds that matches MiniLuxe fall colors!

Whats In MiniLuxe Products?

Miniluxe has both gel or basic polishes, and doesn’t use any acrylics or tips and glue. All products at Miniluxe are vegan (except the acetone) and nontoxic! You can smell the difference from a typical nail salon the second you walk in. There was no overwhelming smell of harsh chemicals that has become typical of nail salons. The employees were so proud of the quality of the service they provided and how it was safe for even pregnant women to work in the salon or enjoy a little relaxation thanks to the products.

I loved getting to know everyone from the receptionist to the CEO, and got an awesome tour of the space. I got a look at their MiniLuxe Clean Lab where they use all non-toxic sanitation methods to disinfect their products!Cleanliness and positivity radiated from the entire salon!

MiniLuxe Manicure And Nail Designs

I received a gorgeous gel manicure from MiniLuxe Highland Park, and for the first time I got nail designs I loved. These are so classy and elegant compared to typical designs, and take skill and attention to detail from their dedicated nail techs. There’s actually an entire booklet of their signature designs to choose from, and I chose the abstract design with gold foil accents. I got to talk to Nicole, my nail tech, about the training and emphasis on consistency they received. I seriously won’t be going anywhere else again!

Check Out MiniLuxe Highland Park!

I’m glad I found a good alternative to toxic nail care so close to home. MiniLuxe in Highland Park went above and beyond at treating me to a luxury manicure I could feel good about, with unique and elegant designs. Ask for Nicole and you’ll never be disappointed! Tag me and let me know how it goes!


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