How To Boost Breastmilk Supply || Simple Tricks For Breastfeeding

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One of my biggest stressors while I was pregnant was successfully breastfeeding. I wanted to experience that journey with my son, and I wanted to make sure my production for stable and healthy for him. Now I’ve been breastfeeding happily for 13 months, and I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon!

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How To Boost Breastmilk Supply

Throughout the last year or so of my breastfeeding journey I’ve picked up a few tips from my midwife, lactation consultants, and other moms who have also breastfed. Here are a few tips to boosting your breastmilk supply:

1. Eat & Hydrate Well

Eating healthy is important regardless of whether you’re breastfeeding or not, but making sure to eat balanced meals will boost your supply. This also means avoiding dieting while breastfeeding – you need carbs, natural sugars, protein and higher calories when breastfeeding. No Keto for breastfeeding moms!

Drink water ALL DAY LONG. Chug while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding takes up so many calories and water, so your intake needs to be higher to meet demand! If you’re falling short, try Gatorade or coconut water to help with hydration and calorie intake.

Find snacks that have higher nutritional content but are still yummy so that your cravings are satisfied. One of my favorites has been FitCrunch cheese snacks, which are basically protein packed and a healthier version of Cheetos. One baggy alone had over 65% of my daily protein intake, so it was great for a busy mom.

2. Eat Often

One of the biggest things my midwife emphasized was eating a snack EVERY TIME the baby breastfed. Especially as a newborn, this means tons of snacks! You need to replace the calories you’re losing when breastfeeding, which can be up to 1/3 or your total calorie intake. This is one of the reasons breastfeeding moms tend to maintain their weight postpartum.

Again, FitCrunch snacks were great for this because they’re prepackaged and easy to munch on when feeding. Grabbing things presliced fruit, veggies and ranch, or bagged snacks like FitCrunch will help you stay snacking on healthy options.

3. Feed On Demand

FEED THAT BABY! Anytime they may want a boob, you give that baby a boob. This is nature’s way of helping you with your supply, your baby wants to help boost your breastmilk supply, so let them! Anyone who recommends a schedule doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This is true for pumping moms too – give the bottle anytime baby is hungry, and try to pump just as much as baby is taking a bottle to replicate baby’s natural feeding patterns.

4. Create A Calm And Loving Feeding Environment

Hormones play a huge role in breastfeeding. Have as much skin to skin with baby as possible, maybe even remove your shirt when feeding! Be in a warm and cozy spot, and try to relax. Hold your baby’s hand and make eye contact. These small things trigger your let down and increase milk production.

5. Don’t Stress Over Supply Issues Just Yet

If you’re a new mom, don’t freak out just yet. Your baby will be feeding often and at random times. This does not mean your supply is low, it’s just starting to get built up! Don’t jump to use formula if you’re dedicated to breastfeeding or if it’s not that route you wish to go. Introducing formula too early will only limit your supply growth long term. If your baby’s weight is okay and they’re having frequent wet diapers, your supply is totally fine!

Tips To Boost Your Breastmilk Supply

I hope these easy tips help get your started on a long and successful breastfeeding journey! Remember To always contact your pediatrician for any concerns you have with baby’s feeding habits. Good luck mama!

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