It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! || Autumn At The Dallas Arboretum

Regardless of how hot it is in Texas, fall is coming! I’ve been sippin’ on my salted caramel lattes and eating pumpkin pie – it’s basically Halloween once September hits, right?

Another great thing about the weather cooling down for Fall is that now we can safely take our littles outside to play without worrying about overheating. This means our favorite fall pass time is here – Dallas Pumpkin Patches!

Autumn At The Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum is gorgeous year round, but I love visiting their pumpkin patch! I was invited to their media day before they opened up their famous pumpkin patch thanks to Metroplex Social. This year’s theme is “Its the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” So your little one can go through all the Peanut themed pumpkin houses and mazes!

This is the first year baby boy can really experience a pumpkin patch since he’s up and about. The floor is padded with a thick layer of soft wood chips, so it was a little harder for him to walk but also padded enough to stop his fall.

His face LIT UP when he saw all the fall colors from over 90,000 pumpkins! Starting at the entrance you’ll be led by pumpkins framing every step of the way to the field where the main patch is.

Plenty of photo ops for family pics, including a huge central pumpkin, snoopy on top of pumpkin houses, and a piano filled with greenery!

When Can We Visit?

Autumn at the arboretum is open to the public starting September 21st, and continues through October 31st. After that they’ll switch over to their Christmas display, so take advantage of the patch while it’s there!

You’ll Love Autumn At The Arboretum

Make it a day and spend some time at the wonderful Charlie Brown Display At The Dallas arboretum with your family! Bring a picnic lunch, explore the rest of the garden, and make memories you’ll love. Have fun!


Do you have any other favorite patches? Tag me in your fall photos @lifeandlana!

Check out some of my other favorite local pumpkin patches here.

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