Blase Family Farm – Dallas Pumpkin Patch

We’ve been on a mission to visit a Dallas pumpkin patch these last couple of weeks! We went to our second pumpkin patch of the fall, and already have tickets to a third next week. I can’t resist pretending like it’s fall in Texas!

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This is baby boy’s first Fall where he can actually participate in activities, so I’ve been going all out. We’re moving down our list of Dallas Pumpkin Patches by visiting Blase Pumpkin Farm In Rockwall!

Blase Pumpkin Farm – Dallas Pumpkin Patch

Blase Family Farms have various fun activities throughout the year, but their pumpkin patch is one of the biggest! I took advantage of a weekday morning to take my son. There were a few different pros and cons, but overall we loved the experience!

First of all, even though this farm is small, there is so much to do! I like to start by having a walk through of the various photo ops and adorable signs for great photos of your little ones. After you get your pics, the possibilities are endless!

Blase Pumpkin Farm Activities

Seriously, there is so much to do! Stop by the petting zoo to feed the goats, llamas, sheep, donkeys, and sweet little pigs! The llamas spit – so be careful! You aren’t allowed inside the cages with the animals, but you’re still able to pet and feed them. The handlers seem to care a ton about these animals and loved telling us about them.

Next you can move on to the hay maze! This mini maze is perfect for walkers of all ages! The short maze and hay tunnel were perfect for him. Right next to the maze is the hay ride, so stop by to wait for the next tractor to pick you up.

After you get a tractor tour of the rest of the farm, check out the walking trail with the Spookley The Square Pumpkin story! Such a sweet story to read about being different.

Finally, end the day by picking out a small pie pumpkin and grabbing lunch by the picnic tables. I let my little one wander around and touch the pumpkins before he picked his favorite, and you can bring your own lunch or just buy from the concessions.

Cost Of Blase Pumpkin Patch Dallas

Tickets were $8 per person, while children under 2 are free. This includes entry, free feed for the animals, and a hayride!

Weekday tickets include ONE free pumpkin, while weekend tickets include ONE free hotdog. Parking was free and easy.

Pros & Cons

I love that this patch is so low cost and has so much to do. My little one was preoccupied and so excited the entire time because there was always a new activity to start!

My only worry while we were there was the uneven ground. There are steep hills at various spots throughout the small farm, so I wasn’t able to let my toddler walk or explore much unless we were in a safely gated area. The older kids were fine, but my little one doesn’t have the balance or experience to avoid hills that drop off suddenly! But thanks to everything this Pumpkin Patch had to offer, we still had a great time.

Visit Blase Family Farm For An Awesome Pumpkin Patch This Year!

We will totally be back to this local pumpkin patch before winter hits. We loved supporting this family farm and baby had a ton of fun! Where should we head to next?


Do you have any other favorite patches? Tag me in your fall photos @lifeandlana!

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