Obstacle Warrior Kids Activities In Dallas Fort Worth

My little one is a straight up RUNNER now! He walked early at 9 months, so now at 14 months he’s all over the place. We have to make sure he’s releasing energy, so when I heard about Obstacle Warrior Kids in Garland I thought it would be awesome!

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Activities At Obstacle Warrior Kids

This kids gym is a mini version of American Ninja Warrior, with tons of ropes courses, balancing activities and climbing walls where kids can play! The different areas are sectioned off based on age, so you know that your little will get to participate and play on equipment that is appropriate for them. I mainly stayed in the toddler “Lil Ninja” section, but took a quick tour of the entire space and was AMAZED. I know that even adults would have fun on these set ups! Some of the slopes and climbing features are gigantic, so it’s perfect for your energetic little ones.

Address: Cedar Sage Dr Garland TX 75040 (In Firewheel Mall)

Toddler Time Info

I’m very nervous about taking my toddler to places where older children also play, because let’s face it, kids are ruthless. When big kids are playing they want to run freely and have fun, so getting them to be very careful around crawlers or toddlers can be super difficult. I hate having to make moms feel like they need to correct their kids or have them tiptoe around my son when they should be able to have a good time freely. Sticking to places with designated toddler or infant sections is something I always do.

Obstacle Warrior Kids not only has a Lil Ninja area, but toddlers under 4 can attend toddler time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am-12pm! This way you don’t have to worry about getting in the way of the older kiddos. The best part is, admission is only $4 for an hour and $7 for two! My little one ran around so much that he was ready for a nap before his hour was even up. I would definitely only recommend this activity to those with confident WALKERS, as crawlers wouldn’t have a whole lot to do, and it does take some balance to get around.

They had a mini obstacle course with soft play structures, a slide and stairs to practice climbing, a foam pit (which was a HIT) and even a trampoline! It was not packed so we even got the dodgeball court and a few other play areas all to ourselves! Since there weren’t any older kiddos I let my little one do some exploring, but the activities in the other play areas were totally beyond his abilities.

My only complaint is that the toddler area is not fenced off or gated from the other sections! I have a wanderer so I did have to chase after him a few times as he tried to walk over to the 5+ or 12+ sections. I like to step back and let him explore freely, and this would be easier in a gated space.

Visit Toddler Time At Obstacle Warrior Kids

We had a GREAT time and had no issue with the other toddlers. He loves being able to see some of the three year olds run and climb, and I feel like he learns a little every time he watches older kids play! They have parents night out events, summer camps, and a ton of other memberships we might try once baby boy is older. We will be back!


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