Pumpkin Nights Dallas – Family Blogger Review

Update: after parking issues pumpkin nights has started a shuttle service. I highly reccomend parking at the remote lot and using the shuttle service to arrive at pumpkin nights!

I was very excited to have been able to take my family out for a preview of pumpkin nights. If you’ve been looking for a unique experience, Pumpkin Nights is a good twist on the traditional pumpkin patch.

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Y’all know I love to try out brand new events, so that’s why I was so ready to see this display! Pumpkin nights is only going to be in Arlington for one month, so get ready to read everything you need to know:

Pumpkin Nights Dallas Pop Up Info

This is way bigger than any pumpkin patch you’ve been to! They had pumpkin sculptures, fire performers, and tons of photo ops. There were seriously tons of floating pumpkins that covered the half mile long display, and lots of twinkling lights.

A showing of the Nightmare before Christmas is on repeat, with hay to sit on and watch on the big screen! There were great kids activities like digging for treasure in a giant sandbox, bounce houses and fun pirate themed displays.

There was day of the dead decor, spiders, and food trucks for grub. I would highly suggest getting there early if you if you want to take advantage of the bounce houses or photo set ups – there wasn’t enough lighting after dark!

When Will Pumpkin Nights Dallas Open?

Pumpkin Nights Dallas opens its gates October 10th, and will be in DFW through November 3rd. I recommend waiting until the sun sets to walk the trail, but if you’re a little early you can grab some food or take super cute photos on their pumpkin displays! Pumpkin Nights opens from 5:30-10:00 PM every day.

Was Pumpkin Nights Family Friendly?

Pumpkin Nights Dallas is not scary, so my little one loved coming to see glowing pumpkins! I know during Halloween season we always have to double check events for safety, but this one was great! Very bright and fun displays of spiders and Halloween fun. I personally think kids ages 2+ would have the most fun. There are activities like pumpkin bowling, seesaws, and digging that are all great for children, but not so much toddlers.

Pumpkin Nights also encourages everyone to wear their Halloween costume, so get your money’s worth from this years costume and wear it out. 

I will say it was not easy to get a stroller through the farm! The pathways could use some work. While it was possible to push through, it was a very bumpy ride. I personally would not consider this event stroller or wheelchair friendly. Even walking the trail was a little rough, so bring comfy shoes.

How Much Does Pumpkin Nights Dallas Cost?

Use my code: LANA25 for a discount on weekend tickets!

Weekend tickets cost $20 per adult, and $16 per child that’s 4+. Baby P is under 3 so he was free!

There is special “Night Owl” pricing Monday – Thursdays after 8pm. The discount is $17 per adult and $14 per child, No code required! You can’t use any other discounts for these tickets though.

Tickets must be purchased ahead of time – I recommend heading to the Pumpkin Nights website to reserve your spot!

Where is Pumpkin Nights Dallas?

Here’s the address to for Pumpkin Nights Dallas at Howell Farms, 4016 W Division St. Arlington, TX.

Bring Your Family To This DFW Pumpkin Patch Pop Up!

All in all, we had a good time at Pumpkin Nights! It was definitely an eye catching display for my little one. I think adults who attend should do so for the photo opportunities, but the activities are very much geared toward kids. Ages 3-7 are probably going to have the most fun!

Will you be going to Arlington to visit this amazing Pumpkin Festival? Let me know in the comments! 

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