Origins || New Exhibit At The Perot Museum

If you’re a lover of science like me, the Perot Museum In Dallas is always a fun spot to visit. The exhibits change periodically so it always feels fresh. Even then, it’s so big there’s always something to see that you might have missed before. The newest exhibit, Origins: Fossils From The Cradle Of Mankind, is another must see exhibit! Read everything about Origins at The Perot Museum here:

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Origins: Fossils From The Cradle Of Mankind

Discovered in South Africa, these two million year old fossils are from a species we’ve never seen before. A distant relative of humans, the fossils have been nicknamed Neo and Karabo, and are a vital connection to understanding the evolution of humankind!

University of Witswatersrand and National Geographic have partnered to bring this exhibit to Dallas. This is one of the most important discoveries of our generation! Perfect for those who love science and archeology, and there’s even a few things kiddos will love to do while the adults soak it all in.

After watching a quick introductory video, walking through detailed graphics of the findings, and actually being able to see the fossils on display, you get a chance to use state of the art equipment to become an archeologist for the day! You will use radars to dig through sediment and rocks and find “fossils.” Even my toddler loved this!

What Age Group Is Origins For?

There is a ton of reading required and lots of information being presented, so I definitely think this is a little more advanced. I would say ages ten and up have the maturity and reading level to truly understand all of the findings presented by Origins.

Younger kids can still go, though! The final digging activity is great for all ages. You can also make a pit stop at Origins on the way to the rest of the museum or the children’s section. I brought a one year old, so after I finished up walking through Origins we went to the Perot play area and he released some energy.

When & Where Can I Visit Origins?

Origins is open as of Mid-October and will remain until the of March 2020. This is the only time these fossils will be on display outside of South Africa, so you have got to make time to come check this out.

The Address for the Perot is:

2201 N. Field Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Origins is on the lower level of the museum, across from the children’s area.

How Much Will A Visit to The Perot Museum Cost?

The Perot Museum entrance is about $20, while entrance to their special exhibits are an additional $10. Activities like the children’s museum included! This is a state of the art museum with so many opportunities for learning and exploration.

Visit Origins At the Perot Museum In Dallas!

Head over to the Perot for a day of fun for both you and your little one! I was seriously amazed by these findings and how much we have yet to discover in our little world. You won’t regret heading to the Perot.

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