The PosiParty – Body Positive Photoshoot

Please check out our amazing photographers Gwendolyn Meador and High Peaks Photography.

Our second positivity party was a success! In July, we focused on a body positive photoshoot and confidence during our pool party. It was an inspirational thing to be able to see women get way out of their comfort zone and get photos that were amazing!

Photo by Gwendolyn Meador Photography

What Is The Goal Of The PosiParty?

Originally, the point was to love on ourselves. Our pool party was a perfect way to feel vulnerable but powerful at the same time. This time, I wanted to focus on the celebrating our everyday bodies and personal styles. Fashion can be something that causes a TON of anxiety for people, especially in a social media age where it seems like everyone is always well dressed and fabulous. We went for a witchy vibe this Halloween season, and it turned out beautifully! Each person looked amazing in clothing that fit their style and made them feel great.

Photo by High Peaks Photography

Who Attends The Body Positive Photoshoot?

We get everyone from local bloggers and influencers, moms who just need a break, or ladies who work full time and need an outlet! No matter what your situation is come to our next get together mans build connections with us. It’s always so cool for me to see women who met at my events hanging out on their own afterwards. As far as ages and body types – there are NO restrictions. We’ve had women in their 50s attend, and girls as young as 10. As long as there isn’t an age requirement set by the venue hosting us, all are welcome!

Why Is It Important To Build Confidence?

Confidence stems from self image. The truth is, we’re all gorgeous in our own unique styles. Sometimes it takes a little bit for ourselves to realize that! Finding the confidence to wear whatever you’d like, in whatever size that may be, and never conforming to societal norms like Being too skinny, too tall, too modest, too slutty, the list goes on and on! In the end you’ve got to wear what you like and feel good knowing you look fabulous in it.

Body Positive Photography In Dallas

I incorporate a photoshoot into every Positivity Party Event In Dallas because there’s nothing better than being able to capture the moment where these women look and feel empowered! Whether you’re a professional model or a beginner, this is a chance to feel beautiful and have a whole group of women cheering you on as you take these photos. Our amazing Dallas photographers, Amy with High Peaks Photography and Gwendolyn with Gwendolyn Meador Photography we’re so committed to making everyone feel comfortable and giving us great quality photos.

Check out our first posiparty, which was a body positive pool party! Our attendees were very raw and vulnerable, and the experience was amazing. Read all about it here.

Then head on over to eventbrite and grab tickets for our holiday edition!

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