Period Poverty – Planned Parenthood Of Greater Texas

Purchasing period supplies is such a drag, especially because they’re so a freaking expensive! Did you know that for some women, access to safe and hygienic menstruation supplies is basically impossible? When faced with the choice between food or shelter and a tampon, many have to go without.

Via Hope Supply Co on Facebook

What Is Period Poverty?

Period Poverty is a very real thing that affects thousands of homeless people who menstruate every day. Hope Supply Co. In Dallas demonstrated how many resort to using plastic bags, T-Shirts, and cardboard to create makeshift pads and tampons which can lead to further issues like infections.

Hope Supply Co.

I teamed up with Planned Parenthood and Kaia Fit North Dallas to raise supplies for Hope Supply Co and their amazing charity! They support homeless women and their children throughout the metroplex, and pads are a heavily needed donation. If you’re ever interested in volunteering, or just have some clothing or products you think they could use, do not hesitate to reach out to them! Your donations are appreciated.

Address: 10480 Shady Trail Suite 104, Dallas

Kaia Fit North Dallas

We made this event fun with a beginners yoga class at Kaia Fit – a women owned, women only gym that is truly a community and a support system for its members! They were kind enough to host this class for us in exchange for donations from the attendees, and thanks to them we raised funds from our vendors and stacks of brand new period supplies!

The class itself was professional and easy to follow, but also intense! You could tell the instructor knew what she was doing, and I went home sore but relaxed. I did something good for my mind and body that day! There are tons of various classes held at Kaia, so please check them out and support as a thank you for all that they do for their community.

Period Party by Planned Parenthood

PP hosts a variety of charity events monthly, and period parties are a fun way to raise supplies for local charities! We all know planned parenthood is a fundamental organization that provides a wide variety of services like Pap smears, birth control, and access to safe abortions. I strongly support everything that planned parenthood does and was so proud to have been able to partner with them.

Healthcare is a fundamental right, and a crucial part of self-care! Being able to properly take care of your body is something no one should miss out on due to lack of access.

Sponsors and Vendors

The Adolescent Parent podcast came out to help our guests share their stories! We talked about preferred period products and the values behind these organizations. Brenda is an amazing person who was a single teen mom, so her story is truly inspirational. Her podcast focuses on giving moms an outlet to share their experiences and it is always so much fun to learn about different parenting styles and approaches through her.

Lastly, shoutout to the vendors who made donations to planned parenthood and brought their women owned businesses out! I grabbed a shirt from Boss Mama Clothing, some oils from Veronica with Pure Romance, and talked over some fitness with High Vibing Nurtition. Check them out.

Help Us End Period Poverty

Please take the time to research period poverty and donate to our local charities that work so hard to help women in need. Support organizations like Planned Parenthood that do so much to fight ignorance and stigma in Dallas and nationwide, so that they can keep doing the amazing work they do! Hope to see youat the next event,


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