The Mesquite Outlaws – Indoor Soccer Team In DFW

I was so excited when I got the invite to watch The Mesquite Outlaws, a new professional indoor soccer team in Mesquite! It seemed like the perfect way to have fun and spend quality time together on a chilly night.

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Mesquite outlaws indoor soccer team

I grew up watching tons of soccer with my family, and although I was never good at sports I still remember some intense days around the TV! My dad still plays indoor soccer to this day, and I’ve always loved being able to watch or play soccer without worrying about the weather. Being able to experience indoor soccer professionally is a dream! Here’s everything you need to know about The Outlaws Soccer Team In Mesquite:

Mesquite outlaws indoor soccer team

Mesquite Outlaws Soccer Team Info

The Outlaws are starting their first season for 2019-2020. They are a local, indoor only professional soccer team! If you’re a soccer lover in DFW, you might be excited to hear names like Tatu, previously a Dallas Sidekicks player, as their coach!

Mesquite outlaws indoor soccer team

There’s something for everyone at the Mesquite Outlaws Matches. Plenty of good food and beer for mom and dad, games played at halftime that involve spectators, and dance contests displayed on the big screen. Of course, the professional players also know how to put on a great game and keep everyone on their toes. The Mesquite Outlaws dance team helps pump everyone up throughout the game and during their performances too! It was a great time getting to see this local team strut their stuff.

After the games, we headed down to the field to meet the players, dancers, and other spectators! We got awesome photos and it was the best way to end an awesome night in Mesquite.


Where To Watch The Outlaws

The Outlaws have their home games at the Mesquite Arena, and that address is:

1818 Rodeo Dr Mesquite, TX 75149

You can currently purchase tickets to the ENTIRE 2019-2020 season for only $96, and this comes with tons of perks. Check out their official website for more info! Pricing is perfect for a family looking to have a night out on a budget.

The Mesquite Outlaws Private Suites

Although you can get a great view anywhere in the aren, the upper level suites are worth the splurge! There are 10-30 people options for suites. When we walked into our 10 person suite we couldn’t believe how much room there was! Lots of comfy seating, a table for all our food and drinks, and even a TV for close up shots and replays of the game! My toddler appreciates being able to wander in our closed space, and all the adults loved being able to celebrate the team.

Check Out This New Indoor Soccer Team In Mesquite, Texas!

My whole family, toddler included had a blast dancing on the big screen, watching the crowd participate in games, and so much more! This new indoor team really knows how to have a good time, and I can’t wait to catch some more Mesquite Outlaws games this season!

Will you be buying any tickets to the Outlaws this season? Make sure to tag me @lifeandlana if you do!

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