The Christmas Village At The Dallas Arboretum

If you’re starting to think I’m addicted to the Dallas Arboretum… you’re not wrong. After getting a peek at their 12 Days Of Christmas exhibit, I couldn’t wait to be back to check out the Christmas Village!

A Christmas Village At The Arboretum!

I’m a die hard Christmas fan, it’s the BEST time of the year. Anything holiday related is the best for me, and now I get to find activities my little will enjoy too. While I had a ton of fun exploring the Christmas Display at The Aboretum and attending their tree lighting, the Christmas Village is even better!

When Is The Dallas Arboretum Christmas Village Open?

From November 23rd through December 31st, you can grab a look at all 12 homes in the village. Each one has adorable themed like the cobbler, a butcher shop, or Santa’s home! The interiors are painted to show gorgeous Christmas decor and designs.

You can even check the arboretum out at night for the holidays – they are open until 9pm Wednesday through Sunday!

Family Fun At The Arboretum

If you attended the pumpkin patch in the fall, just know they’ve totally transformed that area into the Village! I love that it is slightly closed off from the rest of the arboretum because I can let my little one explore more freely. The ground is soft wood chips, and the doors are easy to open, even for my toddler! The photo ops are AMAZING for Christmas photos and feature mini Christmas trees, a GIANT tree and ornaments, and a gazebo! Of course the exterior of the village homes are fully decorated as well.

Check Out The Dallas Arboretum

Now you’ll have so much to do at the arboretum! I love being able to take my stroller through the garden with the twinkling lights and Christmas exhibits going on. You can have a sweet little picnic, grab lunch and a hot cocoa, and get great photos while you’re there. Plenty of space for my little one to safely explore, too!

Will you be stopping by soon? Don’t forget to tag me @lifeandlana!


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