DFW Bloggers & Content Creators I’m Thankful To Follow – 2019

This year I’ve really focused on following people who inspire me and teach me things I’ve never known before! From sustainable fashion, to marketing, and even parenting tips, many local DFW Bloggers who share their lives online actually have made a difference in the way I think and approach certain things.

“Influencers” get thought of negatively often, but the truth is that it is brave to open up to strangers. Those who build up enough courage to bring attention and awareness to real issues wind up making a difference in the lives of those lucky to follow them. Here is my list of my fave DFW bloggers and content creators in 2019:

DFW Bloggers To Follow:

@VanessaInDallas – Fashion and Lifestyle DFW Blogger

Vanessa has been a HUGE supporter of local women and minorities in DFW. As a founder of DFW Latina Bloggers and Vanessaindallas.com, she makes sure to highlight and bring up other women around her constantly! I was always so grateful to have someone with such a strong following promoting and supporting me at my events and endeavors. Check her out for lifestyle posts with everything from fashion to millennial marriage.

@jesslovelyco – Lifestyle DFW Blogger

Jessica is another lovely lady I met early on in my journey! She was an attendee at my very first event, and has been a supporter ever since. She’s another example of someone with a great following who takes time to support and engage with everyone she can. She’s an authentic person and a great mom to her little one!


I had the pleasure of meeting Karina at an Easter event last year. Since then I’ve followed her journey through difficult things like pregnancy loss and grief, and I’ve always been in awe at how she creates a space for women to bond and speak on such devastating topics. I see her as a very strong person who uses her platform to spread love and support other mamas.


Photo by @portraitsbyceleste

OMG. This girl is gorgeous, and a serious business woman. Not only does she balance her work and life, but she also manages to put out great content on her YouTube channel. You always find yourself routing for her because she has such a genuine soul.


Cyndi and her family are the best to keep up with. Not only does she balance having her own kiddos and creating content on her Instagram, but she also recently became a foster parent as well! She’s using her platform to show insight into something a lot of people know nothing about, and I hope to someday be able to do something similar because of her.


Photo by @marnie_ellyse

I’ve never met Laura in person, but finding her account has been such a refreshing experience. She uses her platform to bring attention to political issues a lot of people would shy away from, especially in support of POC and minorities. As a person who is also very political and had a hard time finding a way to represent myself authentically on Instagram because of it, she inspired me to stick to my values and say what I thought was right. Keep up with her on Lauralape.com


Photo by ee_emm

Bailey is someone I just found on Instagram recently, and I’m so glad I did. As a body positive model in DFW, I find myself more comfortable with my body and more confident in my poses because of her. Representation is important and seeing her excel as a model and creating gorgeous content inspires me to be my best self!

@In_dfw_family – DFW Blogger

Roselle is such a bubbly, joyful person! She’s always out and about with her three little ones, so I make sure to stay up to date with where she is headed next! I don’t know how she has the energy to take so many kiddos on such fun adventures, but I’m trying to take notes. Find your next family adventure on her blog too!


A year ago Britany brought me on as a contributor for The DFW Parent Guide, and let me tell you I was FANGIRLING when she messaged me! I remember one of the quotes she first said when we had a meeting over collaborating was “I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine.” She is the definition of authentic, and it shows in her engagement. She brings awareness to children with health issues and special needs thanks to her adorable son Caleb, and I’m so happy to have gotten the chance to work with her so much.


Dfw blogger fashion

Allie is another huge reason I’ve started to rethink how much I bought into fast fashion! Her thrift finds inspired me to look harder into a more sustainable closet, and I’ve found great options thanks to her!


Photo by @oliviaashley_photography

I found Brenda and her podcast, The Adolescent Parent, after her very first episode. I got the chance to be featured and talk about my water birth and midwifery experience, and since then we’ve gotten so close! We’ve collaborated so many different times and her twins are the best people. She uses her platform to help women share their stories, and create safe spaces for us to bond. Not to mention she’s a fellow feminist mama!


Allie with Metroplex Social is a veteran of influencer marketing. Together with MS team she highlights awesome activities and events in DFW. She’s driven and has seriously taught me to know my worth when it comes to my content. She took the time to teach me SEO and tricks to send my blog to another level, and has been such a supporter!


When an account grows quickly and authentically, you know it’s for a good reason! Monica has AMAZING content and inspires to me to dress both myself and my kiddo up more often. Her whole family is goals for everything from decor to fashion, and her recent Halloween posts were the best. When it comes to my content she definitely inspires me to do better and focus on the details.

@ModernDayMujeres – DFW Podcast


1/2 of The Modern Day Mujeres podcast, it’s been inspiring to follow Lizeth as she started her blog and talked about havinga blended family, being a stepmom, and so much more! I love hearing them tackle feminist issues and topics on the podcast.


The other half of The Modern Day Mujeres podcast! I met Mel through Lizeth, and wish her nothing but the best as they grow their brand. Melanie has opened up about living the single life, anxiety, and other personal topics that I’m grateful to have heard from her.

@Mycurlyadventures_ – DFW Travel Blogger

You may recognize this name! Jessica is seriously GOALS when it comes to travel, and the craziest part is that most of it is within Texas. Not only that, but her content, editing, and overall production is always on point. She’s definitely a inspiration as a creator and I’m living through her. It’s always great to see a Latina gain so much success and be so good at what she does!


The one of the many things each of these creators have in common is that they truly inspire those who choose to follow their journey. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


Do you follow any of these local bloggers? Do you have any other recommendations? Tag me @lifeandlana!

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