DFW Events – The Holiday Pajama PosiParty!

Please check out our amazing sponsored photographers Lenz Queen and Angelina Alexander Photography, Allyoons Balloons and decor, and Luminesce Venue for making this possible!

Our third positivity party was so much fun! Previously in September, we focused on a body positive photoshoot and confidence in our fashion and style choices. It was great to see how women of all shapes and sizes express themselves when judgement isn’t a factor. To also be able to see women get way out of their comfort zone and pose for photos was the icing on the cake!

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Photo by Angelina Alexander Photography

As we returned in December for the holiday edition of the posiparty, I finally decided it was time to get some guys involved in the positivity! They did not disappoint. I also got to spread some Christmas Cheer during a white elephant gift exchange with help from our amazing sponsors!

What Is The Goal Of The PosiParty?

Originally, the point was to love on ourselves. Our pool party was a perfect way to feel vulnerable but powerful at the same time. This time, I wanted to focus on the celebrating our relationships with friends and families, and treating ourselves with gifts (and cookies.)

Creating new relationships can be something that causes a TON of anxiety for people, especially for men! On top of that we asked these sweet guys to pose for the camera, so they were seriously out of their comfort zone. The brave guys who showed up really showed out!

Photo By @lenzqueen

Who Helped Make This Happen?

We had so many local businesses come together to gift these attendees some great products and services! Please take the time to follow or check out these small businesses as a thank you for their support.

Escapology Dallas
Allyoons Balloons (and her gorgeous tree)
Museum Of Memories
Trains at Northpark
Sweet Tooth Hotel
Modoma Wellness
Divine Body Studio
Photo By @angelinaalexanderphotography
The Adolescent Parent
Modern Day Mujeres
Mesquite Outlaws Indoor Soccer
@TheBritanyJay MUA
Soapsterz Handmade Soaps
Royal Madness Designs
Chrismar Handicrafts

Why Does It Even Matter?

Confidence and comfort stem from self image. Even beyond that, finding a group of people who support you and sympathize with you is something that is worth so much. It’s hard as adults to find new meaningful relationships, so this is an opportunity to connect with other local people. In the end you leave having met new connections and you never know where those opportunities may lead!

Photo By @lenzqueen

Photography In Dallas

I incorporate a photoshoot into every Positivity Party Event In Dallas because there’s nothing better than being able to capture the moment where these subjects look and feel so comfortable in their own skin! Whether you’re a professional model or a beginner, this is a chance to feel yourself. Some of these couples and friends really showed their personalities and love for each other in these photos! Our amazing Dallas photographers, Paida with Lenz Queen Photography and Angelina Alexander Photograph committed to making everyone feel comfortable and gave us quality photos.

Photo By @angelinaalexanderphotography

Stay tuned for future events, and make sure to follow me @lifeandlana on all socials to keep up with my day to day!

See you soon,


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