Escape Rooms In Dallas – Escapology

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a TON of recent posts and stories about visiting Escapology in Victory Park. I was originally invited out for an influencer event in December, and I even got to give away a couple sets of tickets at my Holiday posiparty!

Since then, I’ve gone back TWICE in one month with tickets I bought myself. I seriously freaking love this place!

Themed Escape Rooms

Escapology just opened up in early December of 2019. They have so many unique escape room options that I love! I have personally tried out:

Narcos – You’re kidnapped by a narco and have to escape!

Murder House – You’re framed by a relative who is trying to steal your inheritance!

7 Deadly Sins – An evil priest has you hostage and you’ve got to get out.

On top of these, they have a virus themed one where you have to find an antidote, a Budapest train murder, and so many others! I could go back every day if I’m being honest.

How Much Is Escapology?

The ticket to each room is around $30, but they have so many specials! My FAVORITE is $15 Tuesdays. My husband and I went twice in a month once! Check out their website for availability and prices. This is way more affordable than other escape rooms I’ve heard of in DFW.

Escape room in DallasIG: @escapologydallas

Who should go to an escape room in Dallas?

In my opinion, only older kiddos should come with. The rooms are a little dark and scary so maybe 12+ at LEAST would be okay, and for some of the themes like Narcos where drugs and murder are topics it might even be a little older.

There’s no big physical activity or moving furniture, so don’t worry. You’ll be finding the keys to locks, codes to a safe, or maybe even unlocking trap doors and secret compartments! It’s such an adrenaline rush and you’ve got to be creative.

Groups of 4-8 are ideal for a private experience, but you can go in smaller groups and potentially get paired up with someone else! I went for a date night before and we got the whole room to ourselves, so it just depends.

The clues are also NOT EASY! You seriously have to think, but it’s all part of the fun. I’ve escaped and failed before but it doesn’t ruin the fun. You’ve got to be a quick thinker for sure!

5 Stars For Escapology Dallas

The employees are top notch and super friendly! They’ve always made the experience so much fun and been so helpful during the game. There’s a full bar to hang out before and after, and you can even grab a to go cup to take back to your room!

Visit This Escape Room In Dallas Fort Worth!

I LOVE ESCAPOLOGY! There are a few locations across DFW with a few different available rooms. Go see for yourself and tag me when you go @lifeandlana!


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